Best Ways To Serve Hot Cocoa At Your Winter Wedding

Hot cocoa cup topped with whipped cream and marshmallows in a red mug. On the side there are gingerbread cookies in the shape of a heart

4 Cozy Ways to Incorporate Hot Cocoa Into Your Winter Wedding

When you think of winter, it’s hard not to start craving comforting hot drinks, so; why not incorporate everyone’s favorite concoction into your special day?! One of the best ways to make your winter wedding extra cozy and fun is with hot cocoa on hand. There are many different ways you can integrate hot chocolate throughout your event, from including it in the dinner menu to serving it at the bar or even as a thank-you gift for your guests! 

Keep reading for four cozy ways you can incorporate hot cocoa into your winter wedding.

Give Guests a Warm Welcome with a Hot Cocoa Bar

A hot cocoa bar is a great way to warm up guests with a delicious beverage on the way into your event. Consider setting up a hot cocoa bar at the front of your ceremony or reception site, where guests can grab a cup before heading inside. To add a fun, customizable touch, you could set up a tiered stand with different types of edible spoons for stirring or have a selection of toppings available, like whipped cream, chocolate shavings, or marshmallow fluff.

Add a Chocolatey Twist to Your Cocktails

Incorporating winter flavors into your drink menu is a great way to ensure that guests have a way of keeping warm, all while enjoying an elegant sip. One unique approach to this is by adding liquor to hot cocoa or crafting a cocoa martini that will leave everyone coming back for more! For an extra sweet touch, you can also garnish your drinks with whipped cream, crushed candy cane pieces, or cinnamon sticks. 

Moreover, feature cocktails are all the rage and combine some of the couple’s favorite flavors into one unique drink named after the newlyweds! How about talking to your wedding mixologist to develop a delectable concoction that will be enjoyed by all? 

Serve a Decadent Hot Cocoa Dessert

Serving a decadent hot cocoa dessert at your winter wedding is an excellent way to warm up guests and prolong the holiday spirit.

One of the most popular ways to incorporate hot cocoa into a winter wedding is by including it as a flavor in your cake. However, there are so many other ways you can get creative with this idea! Here are some of our favorite options: 

  • Serve popcorn topped with marshmallows, chocolate sauce and sea salt as a snack throughout the celebration.
  • Instead of a traditional wedding cake, opt for a decadent lava cake for each guest that will be served hot and topped with your favorite ice cream. You could even make it more delectable by accompanying it with a cup of hot cocoa. 
  • Ask your baker to come up with a hot cocoa themed cake that will recreate the flavors of this delicious seasonal treat. 

Give Guests a Take-Home Treat

Another fun way to incorporate hot cocoa into your wedding is by giving guests a take-home kit that includes a mug, a packet of cocoa mix, and a recipe card. All they have to do is add water or milk! This not only gives guests something delicious and thoughtful as a parting gift, but it also provides them with a little piece of comforting goodness to remember your special day.

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