Why January Might Be The Perfect Month For You To Get Married

January Wedding Table In the snow with red decorations

Top 3 Things To Consider For A January Wedding

Traditionally, January is not one of the most popular months to get married. The Holidays are just coming to an end and people find themselves hibernating and taking some time off from social events. However, January also marks the beginning of a new year and, therefore, represents new beginnings! 

If you are considering planning a beginning of the year wedding, read our guide to find out the top reasons to pick a January date for your special day.

Extend The Holiday Season

At the beginning of the year, everyone is looking for a reason to beat that “January Blues,” and what better way than having a fabulous winter wedding to look forward to? It will give your guests the impression that the holiday season is being extended and bring back the cheer and joy of the moment.

Additionally, you can request that your venue keeps some holiday decorations up to make your special day look like a winter wonderland fairytale.   

Consider The Cold Weather As An Attribute

No matter the time of year, most wedding venues require a weatherproof plan to be prepared in case the weather drastically changes. However, this can be a wonderful attribute for cold month weddings. 

Chances are you already planned your special day to be celebrated indoors. In the event that grey skies roll in or snow begins to fall, have a few photo props prepared (think an elegant umbrella or cozy fur accessories) and enjoy an original outdoors photo shoot with your wedding party. Not only will you cherish the moment forever, but you will also have gorgeous pictures always to remember it. 

Comfort Food Feast

If you are a foodie couple, then January is the ideal time to put together a comfort food feast that will be remembered by your guests for years to come. From oozing fondues and s’mores stations to comforting hot toddies and hot chocolate bars, the wintry months have a special place for all things cozy and luscious. 

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