Unique Wedding Rituals That Symbolize Unity

The bride and groom pour gold and white sand into the bottle. Traditions of marriage in Thailand. The union of two loving people.

3 Unique Wedding Rituals That Symbolize Unity

When planning your wedding, you’ll want to pick everything with care to make the day special and unique. Rituals are an excellent way to do this. These symbolic acts can help celebrate the unity between two people who love each other, as well as promote togetherness among the wedding party and guests. 

Here are three unique wedding rituals that symbolize unity:

1. Tie The Knot, Literally!

To symbolize their union, the bride and groom tie a fisherman’s knot with a ribbon to symbolize a bond. The knot, which is unique to each couple, is then pulled to strengthen it under pressure and illustrate the force of marital union. This ritual stems from an old Irish tradition and could be made even more whimsical if conducted outdoors or by candlelight. 

2. The Wine Ceremony 

Wine is a great way to symbolize the joy and celebration of life. The simple, symbolic act of drinking wine from the same cup or pouring two wines into one glass before sharing has roots in Jewish culture. During the wedding ceremony, after the bride and groom share a glass of wine, it is customary for guests to follow suit. 

3. How About A Sand Ceremony?

Pouring sand is a traditional wedding ritual practiced in many parts of the world. This is done by filling small containers with sand. During a ceremony, these containers are poured into one larger vessel— one that symbolizes the couple’s union —to show that all aspects of their life will be combined as they enter into marriage.

Make it even more special by using sand from your favorite beach! 

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